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Shaping the Learner has done some impressive work in a wide range of contexts....

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The Profiler

The Profiler is the closest assessment tool and system that one can get to the word "amazing".The Profiler is a unique assessment system that covers a wide range of measurement areas.

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Partner with STL

Shaping the Learner has an in-depth history of quality partnerships characterised by excelllent service delivery.

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Why Use Local Norms?


Dr Ian Smythe, an educationist and research expert from the UK, working across the world and in South Africa says there are dangers in using “foreign” norms for dyslexia assessment in adults. This article holds implications for African context and is therefore rlevant. In this article, the vexing question of acceptability of using US normed tests in a UK context is addressed. Whilst much debated, most responses seem to ignore legal and moral considerations as well as that of the dangers of combining diverse cognitive domains into one metric. Read the article

Another Interesting Article

The Link Between Diet and Crime - read more

 STL- Gauteng Dept of Education FocusWeek2016

Services We Can Offer You

 Shaping the Learner also offers:

Training for Districts and Schools inSA

Attention Districts and Principla Clusters: STL offers an ETDP SETA and SACE accredited (or non-ETDP accredited but SACE points) course on "Dealing with Learning Barriers and Special Needs" US Id 10294. We also offer an ETDP SETA accredited/non accredited (but SACE points) training in Curriculum Differentiation and . Courses can also be offered online as SACE accredited only and can be done in the comfort of your own space. great for individual teachers who wish to train further.

Assessment Tools and Services for Schools in SA

Assess any amount of learnings,quick,fast and efficient. Obtain results in literacy and numeracy competency challenges for primary and secondary schools - using web technology. Test online or offline. Profile one or any number of classes,grades,schools,districts etc. Districst psychologist can use the test as well and obtain great looking and detailed reports in a second -  screening,identification, assessment and support of learners!

Education Consulting in SA

In partnership with the world-famous Kip McGrath Education Centres, a Google selected education partner, assist your institution to implement a cost-efffective remediation or enrichment centre that address literacy and numeracy for primary, secondary schools and corporate levels literacy and numeracy training. World class materials and full partnership support and on-going training provided. Contact us

Contact us - Attention Corporate Sponsors: Please partner and donate to one or more School Remedial Centres, a group of educators for training or assessments for a couple of thousand students or learners








Want to Screen & Assess?

Screening, Identficiation, Assessment and Support (SIAS of Students)     

Shaping the Learner and DO-IT Solutions offers interesting and powerful online assessments for use by TVET's, School educators, psychologists, human resource agents, occupational therapists,social workers,managers etc....Assessment batteries covers literacy,numeracy,study skills,study trends, artisan screeners, social demograhics etc.

The range of assessments also allows for localisation and customisation for clients who want to assess across sites and wishes to assess thousands in one day, for example. The system has been developed and normed with a massive 30 000 people across ages and cultures in SA. The norm base is dynamic and adds numbers on a daily basis. The validity and accuracy is therefore unprecedented! An example of a Corporate Version: The South African Furniture Industry and FP&M SETA is currently involved in embedding a customised version of the system for the thousands of Furniture Industry companies in SA. 

- Buy a license for a block of students. The greater the numbers, the more cost effective this becomes.
- An institution-wide license. This is very cost effective if you want to screen all students entering the college or university, and can easily be used to screen up to 20,000 users at one time.

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South Africa First - Computerised Testing for Schools

We provide state of the art assessments in Literacy and Numeracy for all schools in SA

Read what this teacher had to say about assessing her learners - very interesting!!

We are currently translating School Profiler into various local languages of learning and teaching

What Others Say About Us

Assisting with Solutions
“Many schools are of the opinion that learners need remediation to improve the problems of literacy and numeracy. The question up to now has been: How do we do this? We have not been trained to remediate learners, nor do we have systems to use!” – Educator in Sedibeng

Using Data in Education - interesting read

Creating a Comparative Benchmark

About Norms and Averages: "Having online student testing means that results are available instantly. This means that norms can be regularly updated and refined, as well as quickly adapted for new environments." - Educator Gauteng East

Using Tests to Assess Fairly  -something to think about?


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If you are a corproate and want to engage in serious employee profiling. Contact us.



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