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Shaping the Learner has done some impressive work in a wide range of contexts....

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The Profiler is the closest assessment tool and system that one can get to the word "amazing".The Profiler is a unique assessment system that covers a wide range of measurement areas.

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Shaping the Learner has an in-depth history of quality partnerships characterised by excelllent service delivery.

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South African Radio Show Highlights Local Needs

Gerald Williams of Shaping the Learner and Dr Ian Smythe did a double act this evening on SAFM, a major South African radio station based in Johannesburg. The host, Naledi Moleo, invited them to talk about the Profiler, set within the context of dyslexia and the South African learning environment. Listen to Dyslexia Discussion on SAFM Show

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Shaping the Learner and our UK partner Do-IT Solutions, spearheaded by Dr Ian Smythe and Prof Amanda Kirby having partnered with the South African Eastern Cape Dept. of Education's Inclusion and Special Needs Directorate. We have implemented our Learner Profiler - a web-based (and offline) screener for literacy, numeracy and other learning challenges. Our system is being used in over 30 districts across the Eastern Cape. We are actively engaging all interested partners, such as the Gauteng Province for example, in implementing a system of screening that allows for rapid support and turnaround of learner performance. If your province or districts are interested in partnering with us then please feel free to contact us.





  1. Whilst 88% of 10 year olds in Ireland can correctly the non-word "mip", of 8300 FET college students tested, only 51% of Afrikaans speakers, 15% of Tswana speakers and 8% of Ndebele speakers could spell the word correctly. This is part of a standard test for dyslexia.
  2. Research in South Africa shows that factors such as access to lighting for studies, access to somewhere to study and parental employment are all factors that adversely affect literacy skills, though are not related to dyslexia.
  3. There is a lack of a culture in South Africa for parents to read to their children, particularly in the language of the classroom. As a consequence, children often miss out on learning and practising literacy skills such as syllables, rhyming and other skills.

Each of the above are related to literacy acquisition and dyslexia assessments. Together they highlight the need to develop testing protocols that reflect local needs and reflect the language diversity of South Africa. Listen to Dyslexia Discussion on SAFM Show


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Assisting with Solutions
“Many schools are of the opinion that learners need remediation to improve the problems of literacy and numeracy. The question up to now has been: How do we do this? We have not been trained to remediate learners, nor do we have systems to use!” – Educator in Sedibeng

Using Data in Education - interesting read

Creating a Comparative Benchmark

About Norms and Averages: "Having online student testing means that results are available instantly. This means that norms can be regularly updated and refined, as well as quickly adapted for new environments." - Educator Gauteng East

Using Tests to Assess Fairly  -something to think about?


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