Company Profile

A group of powerful Clinical and Community Psychologists, educationist, legal experts and Social Workers has developed the company (STL) into a powerful service delivery unit that focuses on the areas of social, educational and community development. The directors, have extensive experience in the area of organisational development, youth activities, small business and school-based services, gained while serving as coordinators for the University of South Africa (UNISA) Institute for Behavioral Sciences Center for Peace Action, a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Injury and Violence Prevention, National Programme Managers For The National Institute For Crime Prevention And Reintegration Of Offenders (NICRO), coordinators of various academic course at universities like UWC etc.

They are also specialist in the fields of public relations and networking. The company is also involved in the design, implementation and coordination of development programs at government and community level. STL has been working with organizations like the South African - Gauteng Department Of Education in designing school based program, as well as working with South African organizations like Telkom (Social Upliftment And Employee Assistance Programs), EDCON (CNA, Boardman’s, Edgar’s), The National Institute For Crime Prevention And Reintegration Of Offenders (NICRO) in the design of national crime prevention program for youth and other related interventions.

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