Various Projects

Over the years - Shaping the Learner has also completed research work for the Gauteng Department of Education, Dept of Community Safety and the Gauteng TVET Directorate.

We trained close to 800 educators during the Gauteng Education Dept's "Focus Week" during 2015

During 2015 STL has trained over 240 educators from 32 Full Service Schools in Deling with Learning Barriers in the Eastern Cape

In 2012-15 we have collected over 30 000 data sets with over 2000 data points in SA in Literacy,Numeracy and collecting other social data

The Gauteng Department of Education has contracted us in 2016 to train 27 Special Needs Schools (200 educators) in Inlcusion and Dealing with Learning Barriers



Research Expertise

Our agency delivered on a 2500 thousand respondents survey for the Dept of Community Safety in less than 50 days,delivering A--Z of the research process.

Shaping the Learner has a rich history of work. Please see our company profile.

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Our agency have assesed and analysed close to 6000 datasets in primary and secondary schools in SA,studying patterns in literacy and numeracy in order to guide schools towards better interventions. this is an on-going study.


Shaping the Learner completed research on "Study Trends in FET Colleges in Gauteng", surveying 3500 respondents and completing the full study in under 60 days. The report was deliverd to the Gauteng FET Directorate, where it was hailed as a great success. The department is using the information to guide a range of provincial interventions.

Did You Know?

Shaping the Learner project managed the "I'm Cool Like That" National Crime Prevention Programme in partnership with NICRO, the oldest crime busting organisation in South Africa.

Did You Know This?

Shaping the Learner project managed the "Tissa Thuto Crime Prevention" Programme for schools across Gauteng.

More STL Trivia

Shaping the Learner has in partnership with the GDE FET Directorate assessed more than 10 000 students in Study Skills, Study Trends, Literacy and Numeracy over 1 year. This is a phenomenal achievement!

Great News!

Shaping the Learner has been ppointed as the co-host and operational partner of the Dept of Higher Education's Gauteng FET Directorate in facilitating the 1st Annual National FET Conference that is armarked for 25-27 Sept 2013!

Massive Research Data Sets

Shaping the Learner and it's UK partner "Do-It" Solutions is set to become custodians the world's biggest literacy and numeracy datasets!

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