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Welcome ToShaping The Learner

Shaping the Learner (STL) is a group of powerful and influential South African Clinical and Community Psychologists, Educationists and Social Workers, spearheaded by Gerald Williamson and Carmen Joshua. As a collective network, they have developed the company Shaping the Learner into a powerful service delivery unit that focuses on the areas of social, educational and community development.

STL has been associated with other related national educational interests: PACE Careers, Kip McGrath Education Centres for children and young people with learning difficulties and Psychological Service Centres. The organisation has also been registered with the ETDP SETA and therefore offers credible and registered programmes in the area of training and development, primarily within the education sector.

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Research and Training

Health & Safety
Violence & Injury
School Health & Behaviour
Occupational Health and Safety

Education based Training

Management & Governance
Team Performance
Strategic Planning
Curriculum, Learning & Training etc.
Literacy Assessment Tools – Computerised
Numeracy Assessment Tools – Computerised
Social Survey Computerised Tools 

Life Skills

Study Skills
Career Guidance
Conflict Resolution
Crime Prevention
Stress Management
Diversity Management.

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Testing Using Foreign Norms

The “legitimacy” of an assessment process lies largely in the comparison of agreed criteria with an established norm.

Remedial Support

The information that we receive from the Learner Profiler reports needs to be analysed and interpreted to ensure that…

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Skills development in South Africa has been adversely affected by the South African education system.

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